ViaSat Voice: Bring the Best Phone Service to Your Home

When it comes to cell phone service in rural or remote areas, your choices may be limited to only a few providers who offer inferior services. You don't want to deal with listening to static on the line, voices cutting out in midstream, or dropped calls. Get more reliable phone service wherever you are located with ViaSat Voice.

ViaSat Voice is a new, advanced way to receive phone service anywhere with a strong clear signal. It is a landline that connects to your ViaSat modem and satellite dish. You will obtain phone service by using "Voice over Internet Protocol" technology as the service will go through our satellite network in the sky. Either hook up your regular landline phone or your cell phone base to the modem and you are good to go.

You will get fantastic phone service even in the remotest of areas. Enjoy local calling as well as long-distance service to all 50 states and Canada. You will also still have access to all the desired phone features such as call waiting, voice mail, caller ID and so much more. Most times you can keep your existing phone number or can make a switch and get a new number as you will always have a phone signal so you never miss a call again.

Get in on the great deals with ViaSat Voice. Then obtain even more advantages if you bundle your phone and Internet through ViaSat. We will offer you a $10 discount per month when you get ViaSat Voice and ViaSat Internet together. You'll be amazed at the great services at these awesome deals.

Also, one of the best things about ViaSat Voice is that it will not use up your Internet data allowance. So you can browse favorite web pages, listen to music and visit your social media pages while making phone calls. You'll still have plenty of data to use for the entire month.

So contact ViaSat and speak with a customer service representative today so we can get you started with ViaSat Voice or ViaSat Voice + Internet. You'll love all the benefits of our satellite communication services for your home.

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