ViaSat Installation: Get the Perfect Connection Every Time

You've selected the perfect ViaSat Internet data plan for your home. Yet you may be curious on the installation process. Do you have to set up the equipment yourself? What equipment will you get?

When it comes to ViaSat satellite Internet, you don't have to worry about getting the secure connection to ensure fast Internet speeds. Our standard service is free of charge as we send a certified technician to your home to do the equipment setup. There is absolutely no self-installation process involved.

Our technician will call to set up a date and time for the installation. We request that someone who is 18 years of age or older to be there during the process. We also ask that you receive permission from a property owner or management company if you rent a home or condo, or ask permission from the HOA regarding the rules for satellite Internet mounting. When our technician arrives, they will discuss the best place to put the mini dish, cables and modem for your home.

In addition, you may decide to set up a wireless network in your home for all of your devices. ViaSat offers combo modems that also have wireless router capabilities if the ViaSat WIFI service is available in your area. Our technician can only install equipment owned and purchased through ViaSat. If you wish to install your own router, our technician will install the modem, cables and mini dish as you can then personally install the router at your convenience.

Installation will typically take a few hours as our technician sets up the equipment and gives you a demonstration of our ViaSat services. On very rare occasions, you may need custom installation service for your equipment. Custom service rates will apply. The technician will discuss those rates before proceeding with the install process and will collect the rate charges before leaving.

You may refuse custom installation by calling ViaSat Customer Service. We will evaluate your installation process to determine the best course of action to get your service connected to your satisfaction.

Get the #1 fastest satellite Internet service with ViaSat. Call our customer service representatives today and get started with ViaSat Internet. You will be amazed by the great data plans, ideal prices and simple installation service performed by our qualified technicians. Give us a call today.

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