ViaSat Internet – HOW IT WORKS

When you sign up for ViaSat Internet, you get high-speed speed internet access. In case you sometimes wonder how satellite internet actually works, here is a brief description. The internet system works by connecting you to one of our available high capacity satellites.

Whenever you connect your computer to our service, you receive internet speeds that are a lot faster than what you can get with a dial-up connection. In fact, these speeds are much higher than those you can get from wireless or DSL options.

The new ViaSat 12 service offers you speeds that are up to 8 times faster than the ordinary 1.5 Mbps DSL service with file transfer speeds that are up to an astonishing 200 times faster than those offered by a dial-up service. In order to enjoy the service, you just need a small 30 inch satellite dish and a satellite modem. Upon signing up for our service, we provide you with all the equipment you need. In addition, we send certified installation professionals to install the connection for you at no charge.

Why you need High Speed Internet

Whether you browse the internet for business or pleasure, it is important to have high speed internet. With fast internet you get:
  • Faster page load time – When you are using the internet for research, you need the pages to load faster to give you an opportunity to study the contents. It is stressful and annoying when you have to wait for long for a single page to load
  • Ability to stream – If you have to stream videos, you must have high speed internet to be able to view the video smoothly. A slow internet will completely frustrate you especially if you wish to stream a live feed.
  • Enables faster downloads – If you are running an enterprise, you may need to download as well as upload business information. A fast internet will make it possible to upload material for use by your clients. It also makes it easier to download online resources that are useful to your business.


  • You need a computer for connection to a modem. You can make this connection via ethernet or you can use a wireless router.
  • We provide you with an ViaSat modem that transfers data to the antenna dish.
  • We provide you with an ViaSat Internet Dish that is responsible for sending and receiving signals to and from out satellite.
  • Our ViaSat-1 Satellite sends all the information to and from your dish and to the gateways.
  • Our Gateways connect our network to the internet.


Satellite technology has been around for quite some time, but it's only been recently that it's been popular for the consumer market in areas where cable and fiber optic internet connections aren't available. The truth is that there are a lot of options when you're closer to a data center geographically, but not every town and every home is. For those customers, the only internet option has been dial-up and DSL, which utilize land line connections to bring you the internet. While they may have been capable in the past, there's more content, and bigger file sizes, than ever before.

More content, and services like online streaming, mean that there's an increasing demand for speed and reliability. That's where ViaSat steps in; with an entire communications system set in place, both on Earth and in orbit, ViaSat can beam the internet to you, wherever you are, all at speeds that are more than 200x faster than a dial-up connection, and 8x as fast as DSL. All it takes is a satellite dish, a modem, and a computer.

  • We handle the installation and setup for you, so no worrying about needing a technical degree just to get your internet running. We make the entire process of installation incredibly easy, and fast. Once we've got the equipment in place, you will get a signal from our orbital satellite communications system. It's just that fast.
  • Your computer or internet-ready device is connected to a modem, which is connected to a satellite internet dish mounted on your home. Once the modem and dish are setup, you'll be ready to go! There won't need to be any adjustments or changes after initial installation, but we do handle repairs and maintenance, which you can call to schedule at any time.
  • Our ViaSat-1 satellite relays information to and from your home dish at lightning fast speeds. ViaSat uses some of the latest in satellite technology to give our users a better online browsing and communications experience, and it shows in just how fast our satellite internet can download and upload information. If you've been stuck with dial-up and DSL, you'll be amazed at just how quickly you can browse the net, and it's all thanks to our ViaSat-1 in the sky.

Want to learn more about our satellite system, or find out what else ViaSat can do for you? Call or e-mail our Customer Service team today!

How ViaSat Internet Works Inside of Your Home

Signing up for ViaSat Internet services is effortless when you work with our highly professional customer service representatives. The dedicated staff will help you decide on the best data plan based on your Internet usage as well as provide you with information on our bundled services such as ViaSat Voice and ViaSat Internet + DIRECTV. Yet you may be wondering how satellite Internet works. How do you get ViaSat Internet in your home?

What to Expect During the Installation of ViaSat Internet

The only thing you will need is a computer that can access the Internet through a modem or your wireless router. We will supply the rest. ViaSat offers standard installation services for free as a certified technician will come to your home with a 30" mini dish, an ViaSat modem and cables to perform the connections.

The technician will position the satellite dish onto your home in the optimal place where it will have an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Then they will run a cable into your home and connect it to the ViaSat Internet modem. Afterwards, the technician will connect the modem directly to your computer, or you can install your own wireless router to the modem. The technician will provide a short demonstration on how to use the equipment as you are now connected to our satellite communications services.

Your mini dish will send out signals to the ViaSat-1 satellite whenever you open your Internet browser and access a web page. That signal will be transmitted through gateways that makes a secure connection to the Internet network.

What You Will Receive

When you have ViaSat Internet, you will see the fastest download speeds imaginable. Our new ViaSat 12 service offers Internet speeds that are 8 times faster than ordinary 1.5 Mbps DSL and 200 times faster than outdated dial-up services. You can practically do anything with ViaSat Internet -- from streaming movies to uploading photos to the family. It is that simple.

Why wait another minute dealing with shoddy and slow Internet services when you can have access to the innovate satellite communications technology offered by ViaSat? Call our customer service representatives today to find out more about our data plans, bundled services and free standard installation from our technicians. Then enjoy the Internet even more in your rural home by having a reliable and fast connection from ViaSat.

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